TfL Safer Junctions - East India Dock Rd, Canton St and Birchfield St

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Why we are consulting

We have identified a number of safety related issues with the current junction arrangement. Eleven personal injury collisions occurred in the three years up to 31 Jan 2018, of which two resulted in serious injuries for a pedestrian and a cyclist.

A number of issues have been identified with the current junction layout:  

  • Poor pedestrian crossing positioning. The formal crossing point over East India Dock Road between Canton Street and Birchfield Street is not located on the route used by the majority of pedestrians , which may encourage people walking to cross in an unsafe place
  • Pedestrian guardrail restricts pedestrian and cyclist movement.Extensive use of guard rails around the junction restricts visibility, pedestrian movement and poses a hazard to cyclists and motorcyclists
  • Difficult for motorists to turn left into Canton Street. Drivers turning left into Canton Street must do so at the last moment due to the length of the bus lane on the approach
  • Difficult for road users to turn right into Birchfield Street. Drivers turning right into Birchfield Street may fail to notice eastbound buses, cyclists and taxis

Our proposals  

We would like your views on the following proposals which aim to reduce these issues.  

  • Help people walking and cycling across the junction by changing the existing staggered crossing to a wide straight across crossing with a countdown facility, shared by pedestrians and cyclists 
  • No entry or exit for general traffic, except for cyclists, between Birchfield Street and East India Dock Road, reallocating space to pedestrians and cyclists and preventing rat-running, access to Birchfield Street would be from West India Dock Road
  • Canton Street would become entry only from East India Dock Road, except for cyclists reallocating space for people walking and cycling and preventing rat-running
  • Bus lane markings will be altered to make it easier for road users to turn left onto Canton Street when travelling eastbound from East India Dock Road and create a continuous bus lane for bus passengers travelling westbound on East India Dock Road


July 25th, 2019 21:00


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