Dutch style roundabout for A14/B1113 south of Claydon

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Added by Shaun McDonald

The roundabout at the south end of Claydon under the A14 is pretty horrible for pedestrians and cyclists. It would be extremely useful if this could be upgraded to a Dutch style roundabout with:

* tighter entrances and exits will slow down vehicles to a safer speed while cyclists and pedestrians are around. The current dimensions are only ok when there are no cyclists or pedestrians around and it's safe for motors to go fast.
* single lane entrances and exit will make is easier to cross each arm. There would be no zig zag in the island.
* cycle track with separate pavement for pedestrians outside the roundabout, thus preventing conflict between the 3 modes of transport.
* cycle track crossing at 90 degrees to the road to aid visibility between different modes of transport.


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