Peckham Rye to Dulwich Quietway

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Added by Luce

New QW in preconsultation phase - possible changes:

* Raised table at jct/ of Friern and Goodrich Rd. ;
* Sinusoidal humps completed all along Friern rd.;
* 'Greening' of modal filters at Peckham Rye/ Friern & Upland/ Friern;
* Potential for either a segregated bidirectional cycle lane from Etherow st. & across the junction of Barry rd. (helping cyclists to turn right down Woodwarde) or the signalisation of the junction of Etherow and Barry rd. (the former would require the relocation of the bus stand at the top of Barry rd.);
* Tightening up of the jct. of Eynella and Woodewarde rd. (build out);
* Build out of of western corner of Beauval rd./ Woodwarde rd. - potential for pocket park;
* (Dependent on TFL modelling) removal of traffic islands on jct. of Lordship ln. and Barry rd./ Eyenella - de-cluttering of jct. - question of what turns are allowed and needed & the regulation of these.


May 31st, 2017


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