Two consultations essential for Delancey-Pratt

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Added by Jean Dollimore

Camden consultation: Proposed walking & cycling improvements on Bayham Street and Greenland Street

TfL consultation: Proposed changes to bus route 31

Way back in 2015, after consultation, Camden approved a proposal for an east-west segregated cycle route across Camden Town along Delancey Street and Pratt Street (generally referred to as ‘Delancey-Pratt’). See the original discussion on CycleScape.

The proposals include the banning of the right turn from Pratt Street into Camden High Street in order to provide a safe two-way cycle crossing over Camden High Street. Unfortunately this turn is part of the route for buses 31, N31 and N28.

The current consultations deal with a minor modification to the Bus Route so that it uses Greenland Street instead of Pratt Street.

Camden’s consultation deals with the details of modifications to the roads, signals and relocation of bus stops:

TfL’s consultation is concerned with the re-routing and the exact locations of the bus stops:


October 23rd, 2017 15:00


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